Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

CenterPoint wholeheartedly believes in its values of putting people first, striving for excellence, taking initiative, honoring diversity, building community, thinking big, and advancing equity.

To honor these values and support a remote organization that has high levels of employee satisfaction and retention, CenterPoint defines Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as the following:



CenterPoint views diversity as employing individuals from various backgrounds, identities, abilities, and perspectives. CenterPoint commits to attracting and retaining employees who represent these differences. We aim to nurture a staff that reflects the make-up of public-school students in the U.S., with a concerted focus on marginalized races, identities, or other social categorizations. CenterPoint believes that a diverse staff impacts all aspects of our curriculum, assessment, and professional learning suite. Diversity makes CenterPoint a stronger organization.


CenterPoint views equity as dealing fairly with all concerned. CenterPoint creates an environment where everyone experiences success by having access to what is needed to thrive regardless of background, identity, or role. CenterPoint commits to providing growth and leadership opportunities to every employee; creating fair and transparent systems and policies; and ensuring everyone can contribute their voice to the strategic planning, mission, and vision of the organization.


CenterPoint views inclusion as having an environment of respect, fairness, and connection between and among employees. CenterPoint is committed to supporting respectful and candid exchange of ideas; encouraging broad participation of staff; creating structures that foster safety, belonging, and community; welcoming different talents and viewpoints, and consistently communicating about issues and decisions. CenterPoint is stronger when every team member can be who they are and contribute meaningfully to the organization’s success.


CenterPoint engages in continuous introspection to ensure that its definitions are current and its practices are inclusive and equitable. CenterPoint stands committed with its employees against all injustices and inequalities.