What We Do

We aim to put high-quality curriculum, assessments, and professional learning in reach of every educator.

We work hand-in-hand with educators to drive student learning so they graduate prepared for the opportunities ahead. Our mission is to help every student graduate prepared for college and/or careers.

We have deep experience building cohesive education systems consisting of high-quality curriculum, aligned assessments, and expert professional learning.

We believe Rigorous standards for all students, with college and career readiness as the anchor, set our path. We give educators the tools to help students navigate their learning journeys.



  • Empowering Educators
  • Classroom Assessments
  • Custom Assessments
  • Data Workshops
  • Tools and Resources
  • Empowering Educators

    We know educators are the key to student success. That is why our aim is to empower educators to do their best work.


    Our products and services are designed and delivered by proud former classroom teachers, content experts, and assessment specialists. Together, we:

    • Build educator capacity to deliver standards-based instruction
    • Align curricular and assessment materials with college and career ready standards
    • Support implementation of assessment systems as well as use of data for instructional planning
    • Build assessment and data literacy for district and school staff through virtual or on-site sessions.

    Contact us to see how we can work with your school or district to align your curriculum, instruction, assessments, and professional learning.


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  • Classroom Assessments

    Educators look for evidence of student learning to inform instruction. Many times, this evidence comes from an assessment, including a diagnostic, interim, or end-of-year test.


    CenterPoint’s assessment solutions are built with classroom teachers in mind: assessments that are a part of learning. We believe fewer, shorter, higher-quality assessments to measure learning yield the evidence teachers need to make meaningful instructional decisions.


    We offer a variety of English language arts and mathematics assessment solutions (Science in 2023-2024!) to fit the needs of states, districts, schools, and their educators.

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  • Custom Assessments

    High-quality assessments of all types empower educators, inform decision-making, and improve student learning.


    The CenterPoint team has been at the forefront of building nationally renowned, high-quality assessments delivered to over 8 million students across multiple states, enabling teachers and leaders to put students on the path to developing college- and career-ready capabilities.


    Our unique experience enables us to support any assessment need, from local custom assessments to large-scale assessment management. We work collaboratively with you and your team on item development, test  design, standards alignment, data analytics, and psychometric services. We are your partners to build the assessments you need.

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  • Data Workshops

    Information is power – for students, for educators, and for families.


    To make good use of assessment data, teachers need to understand test goals, what results mean, and how those results link to instructional practices that can strengthen learning. Teachers can then determine appropriate interventions for students in need and choose strategies to help students advance when they have mastered topics and skills.


    Our team works with school and district leaders to deliver a range of data solutions. This includes virtual professional development.

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  • Tools and Resources

    Our commitment is to eliminate and prevent achievement gaps. We help educators develop expertise and build a foundation in content and practice to set every student up for success.


    To that end, we provide free tools and resources to help educators develop their capacity to strengthen instruction and increase student achievement for all.

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Quality...Where it Counts

We work with educator to build tools and professional learning that bring about positive change in classroom instruction and improvements in student achievement. Our partnerships with schools and districts have led to dramatic student progress, including:

  • Washington, DC charter schools: 10 to 20% increase in student achievement on the PARCC English language arts and mathematics assessments after professional learning for educators and administrators focused on assessment literacy.
  • Denver Public Schools: Increased scores on the 2016 PARCC assessment in 11 out of 12 grades following our in-depth training of 1,500 school leaders on college and career-ready standards and instruction.