High-Quality Curriculum is a Critical Factor in Student Success

Curriculum implementation that shifts teacher practice and ultimately improves student achievement is not “one size fits all.” Nor is it something that is “done for” or “done to” a school or district. These are collaborative efforts that require deep engagement of educators.

CenterPoint believes strongly that high-quality curriculum in the hands of teachers can provide equitable educational opportunities for every child. We work closely with schools and districts to provide curriculum review, development, and implementation services. We customize our services to align to school and district instructional priorities, address trends in student and teacher data, include innovative technologies, and meet school and district schedules. CenterPoint also provides districts with virtual or on-site professional learning services to support the development and implementation of curricula across grades and content areas.

Curriculum implementation to Support Instruction

“Choosing a high-quality curriculum is an important lever with the potential to increase student achievement and improve teaching practice.”

– Center for American Progress, Curriculum Reform in the Nation’s Largest School Districts

Curriculum Services

We partner with school and district staff to equip all classrooms with quality curricula and instructional materials while taking into account local practice and context. We are deeply committed to improving teaching and learning for all teachers and students. CenterPoint has worked with a diverse set of schools and districts to provide the following curriculum services:

Curriculum Review Services:

  • Comprehensive reviews of academic programming for districts and/or schools
  • Quality reviews and gap analyses of existing curricula and instructional materials
  • Expert recommendations to strengthen and align instruction

Curriculum Development Services:

  • Revision of curricular units and embedded assessments aligned to state standards
  • Building of frameworks and supports to ensure curriculum quality, rigor, and alignment
  • Development of implementation resources to fill identified gaps
  • Development of performance tasks connected to the standards and career and life skills

Curriculum Transition Services:

  • Development of a roadmap for transitioning to a new curriculum
  • Support for the implementation of a curriculum rollout
  • Review of data from technology-based programming and paper-based curriculum
  • Planning effective blended learning lessons using curricular resources

Curriculum-Focused Virtual or On-Site Professional Learning Workshops

  • How to design and develop high-quality curricula
  • How to select, refine, and implement high quality curricula and assessments
  • How to align, implement, and maintain curricular resources


Our team has provided curriculum review and development services alongside leading organizations across multiple states including North Carolina, DC, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, and Washington. See where we work.

Implementing High Quality Curriculum

Educator access to high-quality curriculum is one of the most important factors for successful student outcomes. However, not all curricula are created equal. High-quality curriculum is aligned to state standards, is rigorous, uses authentic texts, and is integrated across grades and content areas to meet the diverse needs of every child.

And ultimately, the success of any curriculum lies in the strength of its implementation: When done well, teachers’ expectations for students will not be limited based on preconceived notions or labels; there will be high expectations for all, and scaffolding and enrichment will be available to help every child achieve and even exceed that high bar.

CenterPoint experts support the implementation of high-quality curriculum with comprehensive services to review and revise existing curriculum, develop new curriculum resources, and provide targeted professional learning based on the distinct district, school, and/or teacher needs.

Curriculum Matters: Implementing High-Quality, Content-Rich Curriculum to Improve Learning Outcomes

Curriculum serves as a critical level for education reform. Leading organizations and educational practitioners share their best practices for helping districts effectively implement quality, aligned curriculum in this new report.

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