Academic Review Services

Alignment of curriculum, instruction, assessments, and professional learning is vital to the success of any academic program.

CenterPoint helps districts ensure that their system is aligned to promote equity, fuel educators’ decision making, and help students succeed. We work with a diverse set of schools and districts to provide the following Academic Review Services:

  • On-site, comprehensive needs assessment
  • Analysis of existing curriculum, instructional materials, and assessments
  • Review of classroom, school, and district performance data
  • Recommendations to strengthen and align academic programming
  • Professional development services to build faculty and staff capacity



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An elementary school in Florida saw students more than triple their beginning of year scores on nationally-normed benchmark assessments in reading and mathematics after working with CenterPoint to shift instructional programming.



We are alignment nerds: We believe that the core of any high-quality education program includes:

  • standards that set the vision for what all students should know and be able to do;
  • curriculum that explicitly establishes the scope and sequence and the materials students and teachers use so students achieve those standards;
  • assessments that provide data that identify student strengths and needs, and allow teachers to monitor progress along the way, provide timely feedback, and inform changes in instruction to meet the needs of individual students;
  • research-based instructional scaffolds and supports when students need them;
  • professional learning so educators use curriculum resources and aligned assessment data effectively; and
  • collaborative engagement of stakeholders to ensure schools are places where parents, educators, and students work together to create a culture of learning and where professionals who are excellent at their craft are valued and value their students and parent partners.

These elements – and, importantly, the alignment and integration among and between them—are fundamental ingredients for school success. Contact CenterPoint to learn more.

Alignment Matters: A Framework for Advancing Student Learning and Promoting Equity

CenterPoint has developed an alignment framework to guide important conversations about current academic system strengths and challenges. This tool helps schools and districts develop an aligned system of curriculum, instruction, assessments, and professional learning that supports student learning.

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