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CenterPoint believes the important work of building cohesive education systems designed to drive student learning is best done in close collaboration with all stakeholders. We enthusiastically partner with education leaders and like-minded organizations to build aligned education systems that are data-driven, student-oriented, and teacher-powered. All of our work is done with the end in mind – to prepare every student for college, careers, and civic engagement.

Our team is composed of proud former educators, content experts, assessment specialists, school and district administrators, board members, and policy leaders. We use our one-of-a-kind expertise to build premium tools for student learning including expert academic services and curriculum review, aligned assessments, and expert professional learning.

We have developed the following resources for educators of all levels to use in support of teaching and learning. We hope you find them advantageous and share widely with your network.


Our Guiding Principles

Tools + Resources

Join the Innovative Assessment Project!

State assessments are slated to be administered again after a two-year pandemic pause reinvigorating historic concerns. Rather than revert to more of the same, CenterPoint invites you to collaborate on an innovative assessment model that may someday replace state exams.

For more information on the project and to express interest in joining us, please click here.


EQuIP Rubric from Achieve

Developed by Achieve, this rubric provides criteria to determine the quality and alignment of instructional and assessment materials in use to college-and-career readiness standards.

Click here to download the EQuIP rubric for use in evaluating your existing academic system’s alignment to the standards.


Resources for Hybrid and Remote Learning

Maintain momentum in unpredictable learning environments with these trusted resources to support teaching and learning in all iterations.

Click here to download this resource list jam-packed with tools to support teaching and learning.


Blended Literacy

Blended Literacy is an intentional integration of high-quality, content-rich literacy curriculum and technology with intention to tailor learning experiences to students’ individual literacy needs.

Click here to access the blended literacy implementation rubric.


NEW Science Interim Assessments

CenterPoint invites the perspectives and opinions of educators at all levels to inform the development of new science interim assessments aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Open Sci Ed. Take the survey now!

Click here to take this (10 minute) survey.


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