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We believe in the power of assessment. It’s an important tool in any classroom. We know that educators and education leaders need easy access to information and tools to support the use of assessments and assessment data in their schools and classrooms. We’ve curated all of our tools and resources to make your lives easier.

Below, explore our product resources and free tools to leverage in your classrooms!

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CenterPoint Education Solutions is a nonprofit organization based in Washington DC specializing in building cohesive education systems consisting of high-quality curriculum, aligned assessments, and expert professional learning. Click below to learn more about what we do and who we are.


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CenterPoint develops a suite of products and services including assessments, academic services, and professional learning. Click below to view all of our product brochures and overviews.


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Figuring out which assessment is right for your schools and classrooms can be challenging! We've made a comparison chart tool for you to understand the differentiators for each of our assessment types. Check it out below!


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We're assessment data experts. We have developed a tool for you to use to help you to harness your assessment data effectively. Click below to download this free tool.


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Our sensemaking spotlight blog post is adapted from our Science Updates Newsletter. Now that we’re in our pilot phase, we’re excited to start sharing regular updates about our exciting work on these assessments and pilots. science newsletter!


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