Emily Alvarez

Senior Associate, Development and Partnerships

Emily Alvarez is a Senior Associate, Development and Partnerships, responsible for engaging educators, districts, and national partners in the development and implementation of quality classroom tools.

Emily began her career in the education field working for Anne Arundel County (Md.) Public Schools, where she taught the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) college readiness program. She also spent six years working in state government relations for a biotech trade association. Prior to joining CenterPoint, Emily worked on the State Engagement and Outreach team at Parcc Inc., where she worked on educator engagement initiatives, including the Educator Leader Cadres.

Emily earned her bachelor’s degree in government and politics from the University of Maryland and earned her Master’s in teaching from Johns Hopkins University. Emily’s favorite teacher, Ms. Dow, sparked her interest in American government and teaching through humor, kindness, and admiration for her students. A life-long Marylander, she lives in University Park, Md., with her husband.