Sarah Gardner

Director, Humanities Assessment Design and Development

Sarah Gardner is the Director of Humanities Assessment Design and Development, responsible for the design, development, and implementation of CenterPoint’s humanities tools and resources, including professional learning webinars and courses, as well as formative and diagnostic assessments. Sarah also works with educators to build their assessment literacy capacity through quality professional learning opportunities.

Sarah began her career as a classroom educator, spending more than 15 years teaching students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. She also served as a resource teacher working with special education and second language learners. Prior to joining CenterPoint, Sarah served as director of innovative assessment for the Arizona Department of Education. Sarah has extensive experience in item development as well as the creation and implementation of professional training.

Sarah earned her bachelor’s degree in education from Arizona State University and her master’s degree in curriculum and technology from the University of Phoenix. The person who influenced Sarah to become an educator was her favorite teacher, Ms. Zielinski, who encouraged Sarah’s passion for reading and learning. A native of Michigan, she currently lives in Falls Church, Virginia.