Provide Data to Drive Instructional Decisions

Interim Assessments Deliver Key Insights on Student Learning

Regular assessment – aligned to standards and embedded in curriculum – can have a powerful and positive impact on student achievement. Interim assessments can be a key component of understanding student progress, supporting learning, and promoting equity by helping teachers understand student progress and personalize instruction to help meet their needs.

The Previ™ Learn interim assessments, available in English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics for grades K-11, are a standards-based solution that helps drive professional learning community work and instructional decision-making. Previ Learn’s pre-designed or custom developed assessments use high-quality items to deliver reliable and accurate data that help administrators and educators determine student progress towards college and career readiness.


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Previ Learn Interim Assessments at a Glance

  • Three fixed form interim assessments per grade and per content area
  • Pre-designed assessments for English language arts/literacy for grades K through 11, and Mathematics for grades K through 8, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry
  • Computer-based assessments that take 40 minutes or less
  • Computer-based reporting that accurately reflects progress towards end-of-year expectations
  • High-quality and reliable field-tested items, developed by experienced content developers

Reliable. Comprehensive. Rigorous.

The Previ Learn Interim assessments were developed by educators for educators and use a variety of item types, including machine-scorable and technology-enhanced items, along with teacher-scored constructed response items. For both ELA/literacy and mathematics, the field-tested assessments measure grade-level standards using items that are similar in rigor and task type to next-generation, best-in-class state summative assessments:

  • drag-and-drop
  • hot spot
  • gap match
  • multi-select
  • equation builder
  • multiple choice
  • multiple response
  • short constructed response
  • true/false
  • extended response items
  • evidence-based selected response
  • fill-in-the-blank

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“I can’t think of a teacher, school leader, or system leader who doesn’t want the most precise measurement tool possible. It’s hard to find anything as good as what CenterPoint provides – I spent three years trying, and I couldn’t.”

– Joey Webb, Washington Leadership Academy, Co-founder and Chief Academic Officer

Customer Success:

We are committed to your success. The Previ Learn interim assessments include a variety of support options to ensure a seamless integration into your school or district’s classrooms. In addition to phone- and email-based technical support, your administrators and teachers have access to on-demand webinars and training materials to help them understand how to use the interim assessments and the data they provide.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The Previ Learn interim assessments provide educators with easily accessible information at a variety of levels so that they can make quick, real-time adjustments in their classrooms as well as share information with students, colleagues, and parents.

Reports generated from Previ Learn’s interim assessments provide:

  • individual student data, class data, and school data
  • full detail by skill, category, domain, and other key information
  • exportable reports in Excel and .csv formats
  • hand-scoring for short constructed response items


Previ Learn interim assessments are being used by districts and schools across the country, and internationally. They include:

  • Three fixed form, pre-designed assessments that can be administered throughout the year
  • District, school, and student-level standards-based reports
  • Technology-enhanced question types
  • Professional learning resources available 24/7 with Previ PRC

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Seamless Integration into your Assessment System.

Administering the Previ Learn interim assessments is easy and fast:

  • Secure system with multiple user levels to ensure the right people get the right information
  • Custom rostering or use Previ Learn’s Clever integration to seamlessly sync rosters
  • Browser-based system that works on laptops, Chromebook, or tablets without any software to download


Subjects at a Glance


English Language Arts Grades 3-8

Help teachers understand the depth and breadth of students’ skills in comprehending the kinds of authentic, complex literary and informational text that are important to college and career success.

English Language Arts Grades 9-11

Help teachers understand the depth and breadth of students’ skills in comprehending the kinds of authentic, complex literary and informational text that are important to college and career success.



Help teachers evaluate students’ understanding of key mathematics content through rigorous performance tasks, which are critical to the development of student learning for grades 3-8.

Algebra I

Provide teachers with a better understanding of their students’ progress in key areas including expressions, systems of equations, and functions, all important components to mathematics proficiency.


Measure student understanding of basic geometry principles including area, volume, angles, and dimensions to evaluate their progress towards end-of-year expectations.

Algebra II

Gauge student understanding of advanced algebra components such as linear equations, inequalities, and polynomials and radical expressions, based on college and career readiness standards.

Interim Assessments

Learn more about CenterPoint’s interim assessments fo grades K-11.

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Diagnostic Assessments

A comprehensive suite of computer adaptive and fixed form diagnostic subtests with aligned reporting for grades 2–11.

Previ Learn Diagnostics