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By pinpointing students’ learning strengths and needs in English language arts/literacy and mathematics in real time, teachers can shift instructional practices and priorities at the point and time of need. Previ Learn’s innovative design offers flexibility and reduced testing time for teachers, so they can administer fixed-form or computer adaptive tests multiple times to track and ensure student progress throughout the year, without disrupting instructional plans. The pre-designed or custom developed assessments are specifically aligned to rigorous college- and career-ready state standards.

Previ Learn diagnostic assessments includes seven tools in ELA and mathematics that are designed to be administered for students in grades 2–8 and high school. Teachers use our diagnostic assessments to provide specific, immediate, actionable information through daily, ongoing instruction. These tools help teachers answer the question, “what comes next for student learning?”

Previ Learn Diagnostic Assessments at a Glance

  • Seven pre-designed diagnostic subtests
  • Assessments for English language arts/literacy for grades 3 through 11, and Mathematics for grades 3 through 8, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry
  • Ability to administer assessments multiple times to support instructional needs
  • Computer adaptive math comprehension assessments that personalize the assessment to each individual student’s responses to more accurately pinpoint their specific proficiencies or growth areas.
  • Field tested, piloted assessments using high-quality items

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Real-Time Data to Inform Instruction

Reports generated from Previ™ Learn diagnostic tools provide individual student data with full detail by skill, category, domain, and other key information along with class, school, and district-level data. This adds accuracy and efficiency, so teachers and administrators can make instructionally appropriate data-driven decisions in time to help students meet standards and improve performance.

“The diagnostic assessments helped us with students who were really struggling, a week at a time. We liked that we could have the student take the test multiple times, and use the data to set short term and long-term goals. The ability to have individual goal setting with kids is really powerful.”

– Jen, District Administrator

Customer Success:

We are partners in your teaching and learning. Through a wide variety of support options, the Previ Learn account managers and customer service team will ensure a seamless integration into your school or district’s classrooms. In addition to phone- and email-based technical support, your administrators and teachers have access to on-demand webinars and training materials to help them understand how to use the interim assessments and the data they provide.

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Previ Learn diagnostic assessments are being used by districts and schools across the country, and internationally. They include:

  • Seven pre-designed subtests that can be administered multiple times throughout the year
  • District, school, class, and student-level standards-based reports
  • Computer adaptive and fixed form assessments with technology-enhanced question types
  • Professional learning resources available 24/7 with Previ PRC
  • Custom diagnostic assessment development is available

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Reports generated from Previ™ Learn’s diagnostic assessments provide educators with easily accessible information at a variety of levels so that they can make quick, real-time adjustments in their classrooms as well as easily share information with students, colleagues, and parents.

Reports available:

  • Class Reports:
    Report provides a quick snapshot of how each student in a class or grade performed on a specific assessment and to quickly identify which skills and question types represent a need for additional instruction for all or a part of the class.
  • Individual Student Reports and Student History Reports:
    Student test results are made available immediately upon completion of an assessment along with a student history report that shows an individual student’s entire testing history.

Seamless Integration into your Assessment System.

Administering the Previ Learn diagnostics assessments is easy and fast:

  • Browser-based system that works on laptops, Chromebook, or tablets without any software to download
  • Secure system with multiple user levels to ensure the right people get the right information
  • Custom rostering or use Previ Learn’s Clever integration to seamlessly sync rosters

Subjects at a Glance


English Language Arts Grades 3-8

Help teachers understand the depth and breadth of students’ skills in comprehending the kinds of authentic, complex literary and informational text that are important to college and career success.

English Language Arts Grades 9-11

Help teachers understand the depth and breadth of students’ skills in comprehending the kinds of authentic, complex literary and informational text that are important to college and career success.



Help teachers evaluate students’ understanding of key mathematics content through rigorous performance tasks, which are critical to the development of student learning for grades 3-8.

Algebra I

Provide teachers with a better understanding of their students’ progress in key areas including expressions, systems of equations, and functions, all important components to mathematics proficiency.


Measure student understanding of basic geometry principles including area, volume, angles, and dimensions to evaluate their progress towards end-of-year expectations.

Algebra II

Gauge student understanding of advanced algebra components such as linear equations, inequalities, and polynomials and radical expressions, based on college and career readiness standards.

Interim Assessments

CenterPoint Education Solutions Expands Previ Learn with High School Diagnostics and Interim Assessments

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Diagnostic Assessments

A comprehensive suite of computer adaptive and fixed form diagnostic subtests with aligned reporting for grades 2–11.

Previ Learn Diagnostics