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How do schools support learners of all kinds, meet children where they are, and ensure they meet high standards, all without moving the goalposts to water down content or short shift access to learning? @LauraMSlover and @BonnieHain have some ideas.

Attending @ExcelinEd #EIE19 this year? Connect with CenterPoint's @LauraMSlover and @margmhorn!

All 19 of our 2019 Wonkathon entries are in. Vote on which one you think is best by liking the corresponding Tweet in this thread or by taking our online survey: Please don't do both.

The polls close on Tuesday, 11/19, at 9pm ET. May the Wisest Wonk win!

Looking forward to #MAG2019 day 2. Be sure to stop by and see us today, exhibit hall is open until 5ish @CenterPointEd @BonnieHain #md #maryland #assessments #educators

It was a dynamic panel session today with the team @southjerseydata and @BonnieHain - great ideas, lessons learned and relevant advice was shared that is all actionable in #MD! @CenterPointEd #MAG2019 #assessments #data #datachat #educators



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Reflections on the Common Core Testing Consortia

By Lesley Muldoon It’s been nearly eight years since the launch of the two Race to the Top funded testing...
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Building Better Assessments for Learning

By Laura Slover As formative assessment scholar Dylan Wiliam defines it, assessments for learning “use evidence of student learning to...
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It’s in the Details: Let’s be Specific about the Uses of Assessment Results

By Nathan Dadey The Need for Specificity “We have selected Assessment XYZ to improve teaching and learning in our district.”...
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Guest Post

How Student Voice Can Inform Assessment for Learning in Schools

By Natalie Hedden Schools often consult outside experts to help them enhance their curriculum or improve student outcomes, using the...
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