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"The more familiar a student is with a particular topic, the easier it is for the student to hold those ideas in his working memory and really think."

Recommendations for building a balanced assessment system from @Aurora_Inst and the @NCIEA1

Pairing the @ELEducation Language Arts curriculum with PD increases student achievement for ALL students! Find out more #LiteracyforAll #profdev #ELA #ReasonToBelieve

51% of educators agree that to get students ready for the jobs of the future they need updated curriculum. @educationweek latest research is a must read:


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How to Get More Districts on a Path to Quality, Aligned Curriculum

By Laura Slover, CenterPoint’s CEO, and Bonnie Hain, CenterPoint’s Chief Academic Officer Road map for student success As Kate Gerson,...
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Guest Post

In It For the Long Haul: Our District’s Experience Implementing a High-Quality Curriculum

By Amy Holbrook, Becky Parker, and Mandy Polen, Instructional Coaches at Mad River Local Schools in Riverside, Ohio   “If...
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Pair Curriculum and Professional Learning For Powerful Outcomes

By Stephanie Hirsh There is no doubt that the quality of instructional materials makes a real difference in schools and...
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The Knowledge Matters School Tour: A Visit to Seven Schools Adopting High-Quality English Language Arts Curricula

By Barbara Davidson Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of visiting a group of schools across the country distinguished...
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