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October 10 - Hear what challenges schools and districts are facing, how they have intervened with professional learning, and what the impact has been.

Five Steps We Have Taken to Build an Equity-Minded Culture #DEI

Have you seen the latest assessment resource from @StudentSuccess

Last chance to register for this important webinar on Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Schools from @All4Ed #DEI

Looking at your data from last year and have questions about next steps? Now is the time to do a needs assessment and find out how you can improve student success.

We can help:

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College- and Career-Ready Math Standards = Higher Expectations for Students and Teachers

By Luis Lima, Senior Advisor, CenterPoint The rollout of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and similar college- and career-ready...
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The Discipline of Social Studies is Changing, and So Should Professional Learning

By Patricia Conner and Emily Alvarez, CenterPoint As former social studies teachers, we know well the stereotype of the discipline...
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Guest Post

Moving Toward Expanding Capacity in Education with a Train-the-Trainer Model of Professional Learning

By Patricia D’Alfonso, Retired Educator and National AFT Reading and Writing Trainer Educational responsibilities for and inside public schools are...
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Building Educator Capacity – Breaking Down the Buzzword

By Lesley Muldoon, Chief of Policy & Advocacy at CenterPoint Ask veteran teachers about their feelings on professional development, and...
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