IM Aligned Interims Instructional Next Steps

Instructional Next Steps 

The interim assessments aligned to the IM curriculum are meant to provide information about student progress toward end-of-year expectations and to identify areas of strength and improvement regarding how well students can solve problems in mathematics aligned to the IM curriculum and college- and career-ready standards. Additionally, the questions on the interim assessments are like those on state summative assessments, thus providing an indication of student progress throughout the year and a better understanding of what to expect on end-of-year assessments.  

The score reports from the interims provide data that can be used to deepen educators’ understanding of their students’ learning progress toward college and career readiness and to determine patterns of student performance to diagnose students’ strengths and areas of need.  

Interim Expectations 

In mathematics, students meet expectations when they can:  

When considering a student’s score on the interim assessments, consider the achievement levels in the table. As an example, a student who scores 70% is likely meeting expectations.  

Of note: CenterPoint’s interim assessments are designed to show students’ progress toward meeting end-of-year expectations. Be cautious when reviewing student data at the standards level so as not to jump to immediate conclusions since most standards are assessed with a minimal number of questions. This design was intentional to keep testing time to a minimum, ensure assessment coverage of the full curriculum, and provide a high-level view of progress towards meeting end-of-year expectations. Also, the sub-claim data provides a more complete picture of student proficiency when looking at all the data points from the three assessments completed within the year.

Strategies for Supporting Students in Mathematics 

When students have not yet earned scores that indicate on-track performances, the following instructional supports may be provided: 

Math Resources for Students Needing Support 

First and foremost, make sure to utilize the resources that come with the curriculum when considering how to provide support for students. After exhausting the curriculum resources, the list below may be of help. 


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