CP Math (K-2) Interim Assessments Implementation Guidance

Implementation Guidance

The K-2 Mathematics Interim Assessments consist of four unique forms for each grade, designed to be administered after approximately every 6 weeks of instruction. Each assessment is designed to be completed in one class period and should take about 30 minutes. After administering an assessment, educators will receive immediate feedback from the computer-scored items and will have the opportunity to hand score the constructed-response items (Grade 2 only) using the scoring rubrics to help ensure scoring consistency. This information can then be analyzed to inform curriculum and instructional decisions.

Assessments Read Aloud

For non reading students, the assessments may be read to them by their teacher or teacher’s aide. Another option is to utilize the audio button feature built into the interim assessments for kindergarten and grade 1. Each question on these assessments contains a speaker icon, shown below, to indicate text that can be read aloud. Note that the audio button is slightly different than text-to-speech as the audio buttons do not describe images nor numerals presented in answer choices. For students needing text-to-speech, work with your test coordinator to ensure that feature is enabled on the delivery platform.


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