CP ELA Interim Assessments Implementation Guidance


Implementation Guidance

CenterPoint’s ELA Interim Assessments have been designed to maximize instructional time and minimize testing time. After administering an assessment, educators will receive immediate feedback from the Reading items and will have the opportunity to hand score the constructed-response item to ensure consistent alignment to scoring rubrics. This information can then be analyzed to inform instructional decisions. 

Grades K-2 

Grades 3-11 

Scheduling Testing Windows 
To begin, review your local instructional calendar. Consider first and last instructional days, time spent on curriculum units, school holidays, other assessment windows, and the time teachers need to analyze the data and plan for instruction. The Reading portion of each assessment is designed to be completed in one class period and should take between 45 minutes and one hour. The Writing portion should take an additional 45 minutes to one hour to complete. Please note that the K-2 interims have three parts: 1) Reading Foundational Skills, 2) Reading/Listening Comprehension, and 3) Writing/Speaking. Districts and schools have the option to administer parts separately or in one time period. 

EXAMPLE Testing Window for Grades 3-11 


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