CenterPoint Education Solutions Expands Previ Learn with High School Diagnostics and Interim Assessments

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CenterPoint Education Solutions Expands Previ Learn with High School Diagnostics and Interim Assessments

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 20, 2017 – CenterPoint Education Solutions ( has released new high school diagnostic and interim assessments on its Previ Learn platform which when used together better inform student outcomes on summative assessments.

The new Previ Learn high school diagnostic assessments are short, accurate tests that are aligned to rigorous college- and career-ready state standards, and designed for grades 9 to 11 in ELA/literacy and Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry in mathematics. Like the Previ Learn diagnostic assessments for grades 3-8, these tests can be used by educators to determine initial student placement and exit readiness for tiered interventions, to monitor student progress toward mastery of standards throughout the year, and to set and monitor student learning objectives.

Also new this fall are the Previ Learn interim assessments, designed for grades 3 to 11 in ELA/literacy and in grades 3 to 8, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry in mathematics. These fixed form assessments allow teachers to determine whether students are making progress toward the end of year expectations; they include performance-based tasks, similar to those found on high-quality summative assessments, along with machine-scored, technology-enhanced items, and hand-scored constructed response items. The interim assessments can be administered at specific intervals throughout the school year to allow for maximum opportunities to use the data from the interims to drive professional learning community work and instructional decision-making.

“At CenterPoint, our goal is to provide all teachers with access to high-quality tools to help support student achievement,” says Glenn Aument, Vice President of District Engagement. “After we released Previ Learn diagnostic assessments for grades 3-8 last year, educators and school leaders asked us for diagnostic and interim assessments that work together seamlessly, are affordable, and better inform outcomes on summative assessments. As one of the few organizations with experience working on both large-scale and district-level next generation standards-aligned assessments for K–12 education, we are uniquely situated to support this need, and we are excited to offer this expanded product to schools and districts nationwide.”

Both the diagnostic and interim assessments provide real-time student, class, and school level reporting on the standards. The Previ Learn platform is browser-based and accessible on laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and desktop computers.

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