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Developed collaboratively by assessment experts and educators, Previ Learn diagnostic subtests are strategically designed to pinpoint students’ learning strengths and needs in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. Teachers receive useful, insightful results immediately, so they can shift instructional practices and priorities at the point and time of need. That way, students benefit more quickly from targeted instruction intervention and enrichment.

Previ Learn’s innovative design offers flexibility and reduced testing time for teachers, so they can administer fixed-form or computer adaptive tests multiple times to track and ensure student progress throughout the year, without disrupting instructional plans.

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Previ Learn Subjects at a Glance


Mathematics Comprehension

Evaluate students' understanding of key mathematical content and measure recognized learning progressions.

Mathematics Fluency

Evaluate students’ mental and written computational fluency, along with time to completion and accuracy.

English Language Arts/Literacy

Reading Fluency

Measure students’ reading accuracy, expression, and speed.


Evaluate students’ ability to make meaning of unknown words using context clues in the text.


Measure students’ mastery of letter-sound relationships, one key to recognizing familiar words and figuring out new words.

Reader Motivation Survey

Reveal a true picture of each student’s reading preferences, strategies, and stumbling blocks so teachers can offer strategic reading suggestions.

Reading Comprehension of Literary and Informational Texts

Assess students’ skills in comprehending text types that that matter most for student preparation for college and careers.

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