Lesley Muldoon

Chief of Policy and Advocacy

Lesley Muldoon is the Chief of Policy and Advocacy at CenterPoint, responsible for leading research, development and communications efforts to support CenterPoint’s policy and advocacy agenda, which is focused on connecting thoughtful assessment design that drives good public policy, engages educators, inspires teaching and learning, and sets a clear path for college and career readiness.

Prior to joining CenterPoint, Lesley held various leadership positions at Parcc Inc. and Achieve, serving an integral role in building and launching the PARCC consortium and assessments. For several years, she led operations and strategic engagement activities with stakeholders for PARCC, including with state education leaders. In this role, Lesley led a team of over 20 professionals to ensure delivery of high-quality services to clients, including PARCC Consortium states and the Department of Defense Education Agency.

Lesley earned her bachelor’s degree in English and history from the University of Maryland, and her Master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University. Lesley’s favorite teacher was her mother, Beverly Muldoon, who taught high school English in West Long Branch, NJ, for more than four decades and inspired a love of learning, reading, and writing in generations of students in her community. Her mother’s dedication to her students and the positive impact she had on their lives inspired Lesley to focus her career on education policy to support educator and student success.